Monday, March 14, 2011

Animals in Irish Superstions (Siobhan Strikes Again)

A crowing hen, a whistling girl, and a black cat are considered very unlucky. Beware of them in a house.

If a rooster comes to your threshold and crows, you may expect visitors.

While on a trip if you see three magpies on your left it is unlucky; but two on the right is a good omen.

If you hear a cuckoo on your right you will have good luck for a year.

Whoever kills a robin redbreast will never have good luck, even if they lived to be a thousand years old.

A water wagtail near the house means bad news is on its way to you.

If the first lamb of the year is born black, it means mourning garments in the family within the year.

It's very lucky for a hen and her chicks to stray into your house.

It is good to meet a white lamb in the early morning with the sunlight on its face.

It's a sign of bad luck to meet a magpie, a cat, or a lame woman on a trip. If you meet a rooster at your door and it crows, your trip should be postponed.

If one magpie comes chattering at your door it's a sign of death, but if two come chattering it's a sign of prosperity.

It's very unlucky to ask a man on his way to fish where he is going. Many would turn back knowing it was an evil spell.

The shoe of a horse or an ass nailed to the doorpost will bring good luck. But the shoe must be found, not given in order to bring good luck.

In whatever quarter you are looking when you hear the first cuckoo of the season, that is the direction you will be traveling before the year is out.

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