Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'll give you a quarter

When we were growing up a quarter was my parent's payment of choice. We could get a quarter for rubbing lotion on my dad's feet for 1/2 an hour or scratching my mom's head for half an hour. I think back rubs were a quarter for a half an hour as well.

When the tooth fairy would forget to leave a quarter under the pillow, my dad would tell us the we just missed the "magic quarter". He would stick his hand under the pillow and magically "find" that magic quarter.

We lived a few doors down from Star Market. My parents would send us to the store more times in a day than we could count. The last question before we left was always, "can I have a nickel for going to the store." Back then a nickel bought all kinds of good candy.

When my mom would take us shopping she would always buy us some candy or a toy of our choice. I got a lot of books that way. I had my own personal library that was cataloged and everything!

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