Sunday, March 13, 2011

I saw a squirrel sitting on Jesus' head eating a sunflower seed

No! I'm not crazy!

Jesus is a statue in the garden.

It did make me wonder...

wwjd, if there really was a squirrel sitting on his head eating a sunflower seed?

It reminded me of the time that Eddie and I were getting in the truck and a bird pooped on his head! (hahahahahaha - I have to laugh about that one even now).

Then there was the time we were standing in line at the food pantry and a bee flew under my blouse. Fortunately the blouse was loose and I had a t-shirt underneath so I was able to gingerly remove it and the bee flew away - no harm done.

Mother Nature does not care who you are or what good you have done, she is the great equalizer.

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