Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Did 'ja ever lick a frog's back?"

When I first moved to Florida I was supposed to move into someone's trailer (rent free) and watch their greyhounds for them while they went to train at another track. We pulled up to the trailer and it was as dilapidated as any trailer I have seen on the back roads of WV. I really had no desire to stay there (and I didn't).

The woman who lived there liked to party - as did I. I never expected this question though. "Did 'ja ever lick a frog's back?"

My reply was, "No. If I ever get desperate enough to get high that I would lick a frog's back, I'll give it up." And I meant it.

Apparently they have those frogs in Florida that have poison glands on their backs. (The same kind the natives in South America use to make poison darts) However, if you just lick the frog's back you will get high and hallucinate.

I knew of several people that did it.

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