Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Low Sodium Sources

Surprisingly my main source is Sav-a-lot. They expanded their low sodium line a few months ago.

$1.29 Red Gold Tomato Juice - 25 mg per serving/compare to Hunts 160mg per serving

$.49 Dianne's Garden diced tomatoes - 0 mg per serving and Dianne's Garden tomatoe paste - 10 mg per serving. Also Dianne's Garden tomatoe sauce 3/$1.00

$.49 Lakewood (I think that's the brand - it's Sav-a-lot's brand) low sodium vegetables in a can - green beans, peas, corn, mixed vegetables

They also have a very good priced prepackaged sliced ham that has 480 mg. per serving.

Sav-a-lot taco shells - I use them for Salsa instead of tortilla chips. Just break them up. 10 mg sodium per serving

Crystal Light and Kool-aid are good low sodium drinks with little calories. I put splenda in berry blue kool-aid and I can't taste the difference.

Kroger's has a very good low sodium ham in the deli (prestige brand). It costs too much but I believe it is under 400 mg. per serving.

Foodland and IGA have a low sodium teriyaki sauce that is around 300mg per teaspoon. Far less than any other brand.

$4.29 - Foodland has Jamison's Low Sodium Chicken Base - 50 mg. sodium per teaspoon. One jar usually lasts for 3 pots of soup.

I eat lots of hamburgers and chicken legs made on the George Forman grill. I also like to microwave pork chops for about 6 minutes for sandwiches.

I rarely eat hotdogs, bologna or processed meat of any kind. Including frozen chicken breasts, they are loaded with salt.

Snyder's and Mr. Bee's and Utz's make No Salt Chips. Herr's and Lay's make low salt chips.

There is a brand of barbeque sauce in the dollar section at Faschek that has 25 mg. of sodium per serving. I add ground red pepper to it and it tastes like General Tsao's Chicken.

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