Monday, March 28, 2011

We were master packers

We would come home from school on Fridays and our parents would be sitting on the couch. They would tell us if we could pack the car in 1/2 an hour then they would take us to the Smokies.


We used to have wonderful vacations almost every weekend in the summer and there would be a trip to Florida thrown in there somewhere as well. Before we left mom would fry chicken and homemade doughnuts so we would have snacks on the way.

We would hit every tourist attraction from Pigeon Forge to Cherokee and down I-95 as well. Some of my favorites were Chico's Monkey Farm and Silver Dollar City as well as any waterpark we could find. Waterparks were new in those days. There was also a giant maze that we loved to do in the Smokies.

We ate at the best restaurants. I loved to try new things. Rhonda would only eat a plain cheeseburger and fries for every meal. It didn't matter how nice the restaurant was. (much to many a chef's chagrin ) People weren't so understanding about kids diets in those days like they are now. My dad would actually pay extra so she could get a cheeseburger at a swanky restaurant!

Good Times!

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