Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thanks to Jiffy Pizza Mix for putting pizza back into my life

I LOVE pizza (who doesn't). Unfortunately it is on my salt list and one piece causes me to blow up like the Michelin Man

At Fruth we sell Jiffy Pizza Mix for 59 cents. It is super simple to make and I have been making my own pizzas for a couple of months now. The big difference is that I can make a low sodium sauce (that tastes better than most pizza chains) and put toppings with less salt on it as well.

The Pizza Is Good!

I have also been about to make Pubwiches. These are a local favorite available at Gino's Pizza. It is basically a pizza folded in half with ham and cheese baked on it. After cooking you add lettuce, tomatoe and mayo (I don't like onion).

mmm mmm good

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