Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Day My Stepdaughters Got Their Hearing Aids

I had a set of twin stepdaughters who could not hear. The problem was inherited and they had to have hearing aids. When you have kids that can't hear you have to cut them a little slack. They THINK they are whispering secrets and they are actually talking at a full voice and you can hear everything they are saying (even about their evil stepmother). They THINK they are sneaking a cookie from the cookie jar but they sound like a heard of elephants because they can't hear all the noise they are making, so you cut them some slack. (every kid needs to sneak a cookie every now and then)

Kandi was first to get her new hearing aids. I took her home that evening and we were watching television in the living room. All of a sudden she jumped up and turned the tv off and asked me what that noise was. She was hearing rain on the roof for the first time in her life. A few minutes later she was sitting at my feet. She was busy trying to sneak and unwrap a piece of candy. She started to giggle and when I asked what she was laughing at, she said," I never knew the paper was so loud."

When her sister Kate got her hearing aids she spent the night with Bobby and I. I woke up to find her terrified and sitting on the foot of our bed. The sound of the crickets and the treefrogs were scaring her to death. She thought monsters were after her! She had no idea what the sounds of the night were in the woods in West Virginia even though we had lived their for almost a year. I had to make her take her hearing aids off until the next morning. (she wasn't supposed to sleep in them anyway)

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