Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Remember the First Earth Day

I remember reading about it in the 6th. grade in my weekly reader. I remember people making fun of the idea just like they used to make fun of people who ate yogurt and granola and did yoga.

Back then we used to celebrate Arbor Day.

Every year they would take us to the park and show us the proper way to plant a tree. The trees they planted when I was in grade school (which were 18 inch saplings then) are now about 40 foot tall pine trees. They would also give each of us a sapling to take home and plant. We would rush home to plant our trees and they would be dead a month or so later.

Every year we got 3 trees because there were 3 of us kids. Every year they died - kinda like the easter chicks or bunnies that we got every year too.

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