Thursday, April 7, 2011

Things I Wonder About

How much energy does it take to produce those reuseable shopping bags anyway

If you forget your reuseable shopping bag at home, do you have to buy another reuseable shopping bag

Can you use a bag from home (an old purse for example) as a reuseable shopping bag or do you have to purchase a special bag to be a reuseable shopping bag

Perhaps the biggest sin of all, do you buy garbage bags and put them in the plastic shopping bags and then when you get home throw away the plastic shopping bag into the garbage bag

Now I'm just giving myself a headache

Last year I figured out that most of my customers didn't even what a bag with their purchase. I did the math and if 50 customers turn down bags (and I have easily that many turn down bags every time I work) then that saves 2 boxes of bags a month. At the end of the year that saves enough bags to manufacture approximately one artificial Christmas Tree -not to mention the money it saves my boss in bags!

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