Tuesday, April 5, 2011

power out at my place last night

It is only the second time since I moved in that it has happened so I can't complain. There is emergency lighting in the hallways and the elevators still work although I forgot that little detail as I was driving home and saw there was no power in the building. Power was out all over the area surrounding Charleston but the only block with no power in town was mine.

I pulled up and I was devastated because I was completely worn out from work and I needed to get on my O2 and go to bed + I had to pee!!! I decided to find a restaurant or somewhere and take care of business and I was pleasantly surprised to find the little Chinese place around the corner still open.

I placed an order for chicken lo mein and an eggroll and they told me they closed at 10 so I made it to go since it was about 20 til'. I made use of the facilities and my lo mein was ready when I came out so I drove back home. I ate the lo mein in my truck and the lights came on right when I was finished. It was still pouring rain.

I went up stairs and took my meds and as soon as I sat back and sucked in a few breaths of oxygen the power went out again. I lay there an hour or so with no power. I couldn't sleep because I have sleep apnea and I was worried about sleeping without my machines. Then I remembered that the elevator still worked in a power failure so I went back to my truck and hooked up my portable oxygen. I went right to sleep.

I woke up when the power came on again. (the street lights started working) I finished the night in my own apartment and I am still trying to catch up on my rest.

Have a great day!!!

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