Thursday, April 7, 2011


I have been watching that stupid Nationwide commercial for 6 months where they tell the woman that her premium will shrink $100.00 per year with no violations. I have had Nationwide for 5 years now.

At one time my premium was down to $85 per month. They gradually raised it to $99 per month over the last couple of years and I have had no violations of any kind since 2002 and even those were not moving violations.

Now that my truck is paid off I dropped to liability only and it is still $62 with no violations from me. Everytime they raise it my insurance lady tells me "they had another increase." I am tired of paying for some executive to get $100,000,000 bonuses. I am shopping for cheaper insurance because they all do the same thing.

If you wreck they want you to keep your mouth shut so that they can weazel out of paying the claim and raise your rates for the trouble of not paying out anything. I even had my rates raised once because a woman hit ME! I was not at fault. My insurance company did not have to do a thing but I was told that it was raised because I was in an accident!

I can remember my dad (he was an insurance man when I was a kid) and visiting executives from the insurance company laughing in the living room as they plotted to figure out how to get everybody in America to pay a penny a person. (this was in the seventies) Well look how much we are REQUIRED to pay now - it is nothing but a giant SCAM!

When the medical industry saw how well the car insurance industry went they said to themselves - "hey, we want a piece of that pie! Now we are all screwed.

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