Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Easter Bunny Strikes!

One year Bobby and I moved onto a 10 acre farm in Loxahatchee, Florida, to raise our greyhound puppies. The person who had lived there before us had left a yard full of children's toys behind. We did not have kids and it seemed like such a waste to throw them away, so the day before Easter I hosed all of them down (they were outdoor toys) and we loaded them into the truck. There were so many of them that they filled up the whole back of it.

On Easter morning, on the way into work (about 5 in the morning) we went to the apartment complex from where we had just moved. We took the toys out of the truck and placed them beside the dumpsters that were at the end of each row of apartments. (they were very clean) I had watched those kids play around the dumpsters for a year so I knew that they would have no problem finding the toys. Sometimes I think they liked playing in the dumpsters more than they liked playing with the toys they had. One of their favorite games (and mine to watch) was the shopping cart races. They would load a couple of kids into a couple of shopping carts and everybody would run and push them as fast as they could. They would hit the speed bumps at full speed and kids would go flying into the air. Sometimes they would be scatterred on the ground looking like a full fledged accident scene. It was hilarious.

After morning work was over (around 10 a.m.) we drove back by the apartment complex. There were kids running and playing all over the place with the toys that we had left behind. Can you imagine going outside on Easter morning and finding free toys just standing there? I bet those kids thought that the Easter Bunny was real that year! It was a good feeling.

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