Friday, April 29, 2011

I had to chew my tongue

The other day I had to sit and listen to a woman actually BRAG because she had a job on an off shore oil rig. She actually BRAGGED that she got the job because of the quota system. She actually BRAGGED that they always made sure to give her the easy stuff to do. She actually BRAGGED that she was a QUALIFIED oil worker.

I could stand it no more.

I told her I worked in a man's business for years and we used to make fun of women like her. I pulled my weight and earned the respect of my peers because I was able to do the job better than most of them. I NEVER asked for special consideration because I was a woman. I told her women like her make it harder for truely qualified women to be taken seriously in any business - not just in a "man's world".

In the dog business women like her were usually passed from trainer to trainer and after they had worked their way through the compound they just weren't seen or heard from again. It was disgusting to watch those women "operate" as well as disgusting to watch the men who used them.

Our motto was, "if you want a job with 9 to 5 rules then get a job with 9 to 5 hours!" That's just the way it was.

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