Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nice Visit With My Mom Yesterday

I had a nice visit with my mom yesterday. It turns out she had a doctor appointment here in Charleston so we met for dinner. I had been wondering how I was going to see her for her birthday and mother's day with the price of gas being so high - now I don't have to worry about it.

She said she is going to see my sister for Mother's Day. I could get into her playing favorites but I won't go there.

I bought her her favorite bearclaws from her favorite doughnut shop and took them to her with various gifts that I thought she might appreciate. I tried to pay for dinner (and I did) but when I went to the restroom she slipped $20 into my wallet, so there went that idea. We went to Ryan's Buffet (which I HATE) but she loves it and it was her day so I shlepped through the dried out food and the empty trays and the crying cashier and the waitress who was too busy visiting to serve us and we had some wonderful conversation.

It was nice.

Earlier in the day Eddie and I went to watch the elephants eat a buffet at the mall. They ended up putting in an appearance over an hour late. I was so tired that I had to go sit down right before the elephants got there and I missed part of the fun. LIke one man said, "if you've seen one elephant eat a carrot you've seen them all."

I was sooo tired that I had to rest twice just to get back to my truck. Fortunately I had time to rest before I met my mom so she was none the wiser. She has no desire to hear what actually goes on in my life, she just wants to know the good stuff - so that is what I tell her.

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