Monday, April 25, 2011

My Easter Weekend Was Grand

My tradition of celebrating holidays for a couple of days was a great success once again.

I started this tradition when I was taking care of my dad because I was usually convinced that he wasn't going to live until the holiday anyway. I have continued it because I have all my fave foods over a couple of days instead of one. That way the calories and the salt are spread out and don't have nearly the effect on my body as cramming all the goodies into one day that does.

I enjoyed my Chinese Christmas Buffet so much that I continued the tradition for Easter. I went and picked up the food on Saturday because I don't believe in making people work for holidays if I can keep from it. I also knew I would be starved after work and it would come in handy to have the food - and it did.

Work was a nightmare Saturday night - all the last minute Easter shoppers were buying their last minute stuff and I can't keep up the pace like I used to. I started taking extra breaks after the first hour. I went home and ate and tried to sleep but I haven't had a night that bad since before Christmas (the pace was too hard then too)

I rented 2 movies, Love and Other Drugs and Dinner for Schmucks, both were really good.

Sunday was nice and relaxing. I ate my Chinese and rested most of the day. I went to the Church here at Lee Terrace (I only go on Easter). He had a nice dinner of ham and potato salad. Before the service he took prayer requests.

After the service he asked if anyone had anything to celebrate and Necia piped up and said, "Pam's here!" Everybody cheered! It was funny. It reminded me of when I walk into work and people start cheering. It's a good feeling. Even the new girl cheered for me when I walked into work Saturday night. She had already learned what everybody else has - when they see me it is time to go home!!

I sat outside and enjoyed the garden. I was coming in to take a nap when the fire alarm went off. That meant I was trapped outside until the firefighters came and turned it off. I felt sorry for them having to come out for a false alarm on Easter but it turned out not to be a false alarm. (for those of you who don't know this building is full of disabled people and they are always setting off the smoke detectors. only the fire department can turn them off) Loreen burnt her dinner and they had to bring in a giant fan to air out the hallway!

I dug up some plants while I was waiting to get into the building and when I saw them take the fan in I knew I couldn't go in for awhile so I went to the park and enjoyed the river and the sunshine for awhile.

I talked to my mom. I am going to meet her on Wednesday.

Eddie brought a cornish hen from his mom's house with all the fixin's and we had a very late supper.

I went to bed early and tried to watch The Apprentice but I fell asleep. Anybody know who got kicked off?

After reading this I see that most people would probably think that was a sucky Easter but it was relaxing and I enjoyed myself. To each her own!

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