Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Even Sisters?

I took my niece and nephew to the new McDonald's when it opened in our hometown. It was a major thrill because there were no ball pits or playgrounds in any other restaurants within 50 miles or so. They were heartily playing with the other kids and as usual Shaun was being much too rough with all the other kids and I was continually threatening him with leaving and other such punishments to no avail.

Finally I had enough when yet another child left the ball pit in tears because Shaun had inflicted physical harm on them. It yelled at him, "Shaun! If you hurt one more kid we are leaving the second you do!"

"Shaun (who was around 6 but was the size of a 4 year old) looked up at me with his big eyes and said, "Even Sisters?"

"ESPECIALLY SISTERS!" I let him know. Fortunately he shaped up. I wasn't the parent, I was the aunt and I hated having to be the enforcer.

Another time Shaun looked at me and said,"you have been my best friend since I was three years old." (he was around 12 at the time)

"Three?" I asked. "Why three?"

"Because that's when I learned to wipe my own butt and you started taking me places,"he matter of factly told me.

It was true. I don't do diapers or dirty butts!

Another time Dave was at the track with Shaun. (Dave is his dad) I was working and Dave was supposed to be watching his kid. We were standing there talking when a woman came over and told Dave that if he didn't keep his kid from jumping on her kid then she was going to security. We looked over to see that Shaun was using the other boy as a trampoline! I couldn't help but laugh as Dave went to get Shaun.

It was especially comical because Shaun was less than 1/2 the size of the other boy.

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