Saturday, July 30, 2011

It must have been a happy birthday!

I must have had a happy birthday because I can't remember the last time I did ANYTHING for 12 hours. It means I am continuing to get stronger.

I left home for my mom's around 10:30 a.m. It takes a little over an hour to get to her house. I tried to time things so I would arrive for lunch because I knew she intended to feed me tons of my favorite things. It was a veritable salt-fest! I will be paying the price for it for at least a week if not 2!

We had a good visit. It was the first birthday I have spent with her since my heart problems started 5 years ago. I heard some words of wisdom a few weeks ago and I have decided to live by them. I lost my dad back in 2004. There had been some tension with my mom for the past few years but someone asked a question in a movie the other day and I decided to apply it to myself.

"Are you ready to lose your mom as well?" was the question.

The answer was, "NO!" She is getting older and I can see age beginning to take it's toll. Although I PRAY I look half as good as she does if I get to be her age!

We went to ARBY"S and got my favorite sandwich.

Then we went to KFC and got a bucket of chicken and sides. I haven't had Kentucky Fried Chicken for over 2 years because of the salt content! Then we picked up my favorite hotdogs at Mecca Drive-in.

On the way home we stopped at her favorite bakery and she had them make me a beautiful cake "Happy Birthday Pamala" with pink roses and smiley faces all around it. I wish I had a picture. We feasted all afternoon until around 7:00 pm.

I had to leave because I could feel the effects of the salt. She is a nurse and she over analyses all my symptoms. I didn't want her to see what it was doing to me. (it was affecting my breathing and my ankles were becoming the size of elephant legs!) So I went home.

I stopped to deliver some dinner to my uncles when a woman pulled up behind me. It was SIS! I haven't seen her in a couple of years and we hugged and caught up. I followed her to her new house. I haven't been because I thought I had to park by the road and walk up a very steep mountain to her house. I can't believe there has been a road to that house all these years and I NEVER knew it! In my defense I had never been to the house, it had belonged to Sis's aunt.

My mom gave me a beautiful card and I promised to come back and visit Sis. We'll spend the day beside the pool and watch movies like we always did.

It was a good day.

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