Friday, July 29, 2011

Just How Long Will an Unopened Package of Bacon Last Anyway?

This is the story of a package of bacon.

I bought it and forgot about it until well after the expiration date.

My usual custom in such cases was to fry it up for my dogs.

I kept forgetting to do it and the package of bacon was in my refrigerator for several months.

Then one day as I was debating whether to cook it for the dogs or throw it away because at some point cured meat must become rancid even to animals...

I noticed that the bacon looked as red and fresh in the package as the day I bought it.

Hmmm....I said to myself, "Self, how long will it take this bacon to go bad anyway? Even the manufacturer didn't expect the stuff to last this long."

So I put it back into the refrigerator.

I had it in the refrigerator for almost a year.

It still looked as fresh as a daisy.

I had no intention of throwing it away but I had to move.

It was accidentally misplaced in the move.

In an unrelated question: I have noticed in writing this that we keep meat in the REfrigerator - Just who friges meat the first time?

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