Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ever Eat Snow Ice Cream?

We used to make snow ice cream when we were kids. We would go out on the balconey and get some of the snow that was piled high on the bannisters. Then we would go back in the house and add a little cream and sugar and Viola! Snow Ice Cream!

Every kids dream.

Remember the old sleds? The wooden ones with the metal runners? They have gone the way of the dinosaur now. Lost like so many of our old toys that were apparently too dangerous to play with. Back in those days our parents actually taught us to be careful so that we could have fun and not get hurt. Sleds are gone. Even Jacks are gone. You can buy plastic versions but it is just not the same.

I think there was something to be said for having to use a little care when you played with something. We knew there was a possibility of getting hurt so we WATCHED WHAT WE WERE DOING!

I know we were supposed to be able to steer these things but I don't remember the steering EVER working. It was part of the fun.

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