Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ooooh, You!!

One day I pulled into work and Gina was on the loading dock dancing and doing a cheer. "Yah, Pam's here! She'll take care of this kitty!" I walked past her and ignored what she was saying completely.

All day long Gina told me how much that cat needed a home and how she was sooo glad that I would take her. I never said a word. Lunchtime rolled around and somebody asked me what I was going to do with the cat and I said, "nothing." Poor Gina's mouth flew open and she said, "How can you say that? You rescue everything."

I told her I was sorry, but I couldn't take the cat home. When it was time for me to go home I left with Gina begging me to take the cat with me - I didn't. The next day Gina went around telling everybody what a wonderful cat she took home. I just smiled.

A week later I was talking on the phone with a friend and I was telling them how I got a home for a cat on the dock the week before. Gina heard me and exclaimed, "YOU DIDN'T FIND A HOME FOR THAT CAT. I TOOK IT HOME!"

I looked at Gina and smiled and I said, "Gina, I KNEW you would take that cat home. If I had taken her home she would still be looking for a home. Now she has the greatest home on earth because you thought I didn't have a heart and wouldn't save her."

Gina looked at me and smiled and said, "Ohhh, Youuu!"

She knew she had fallen into my trap.

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