Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Shop for Clothes Twice a Year...

...for the most part. I go the third week of January when the discounts seem to be their deepest and I go in August when the back to school sales are happening. Even though I don't wear kid's clothes it doesn't matter because they put all the clothes on sale in August.

I went to K mart this week and they had clearance on their clearance. Also if you spend $50 this week then they give you a $5 gift card. In effect giving me a 10% discount on the clearanced clearance items.

Here is what I bought:

A wonderful, warm coat/cape. Originally $80 and I got it for $33.

2 long, bohemian style skirts for $7.79 each. Keep in mind I have to buy plus sizes that usually cost $2 more per item.

2 long sleeved, lace trimmed t-shirts for $7.19 each

4 tank tops for $4.79 each. (these are my uniforms at home)

Lace cami for $4.79

Playtex bra for $15.99 in my hard to find size of 44B

Gold Tree Skirt for $3.74

7 silver ornaments for $3.78

50 multicolored lights for $2.49

20 green lights for .74

I went home with 2 $5 gift cards because I broke the purchases into 2 purchases. I don't understand people who know they get a card for every $50 and they spend tons of money on one purchase and only get one card.

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