Monday, January 16, 2012


When I was taking care of my dad I bought him one of those Siamese Fighting Fish. He loved it. I bought it at Walmart in a vase with a Peace Lilly in it to provide oxygen for the fish. The fish spent his time swimming through the roots and my dad had a lovely time feeding it and would sit mesmerized for hours just watching the fish.

One morning I walked into the bathroom and I saw a blue blob in the floor. I didn't know what in the world it could be so I looked closer. It was daddy's fish. Apparently the cat had managed to swipe the thing out of the vase. I still don't know how she did it because the vase and the plant were completely undisturbed.

I was completely dismayed by my find because I didn't want daddy to be upset because his health was so delicate. So I rushed off to Walmart to buy a replacement before he woke up. I arrived home just in time to witness daddy wheeling himself up to check out his fish for the first time that morning. He turned to ask me where his fish was and I was standing there with as close a copy as I could manage to pluck from the Walmart aquarium in my hand.

He had caught me red handed and there was nothing I could do but confess. So, I broke the news to him that his beloved fish had met it's demise at the hands of Shirley the Cat. He burst out laughing and started to congratulate the cat for a job well done!

We deposited the fish back in the vase and daddy had a good time every morning going to check and see if the cat had another successful night fishing again.

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