Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One Time We Built the World's Biggest Snowball

When I was a kid we made the world's biggest snowball. This monumental effort started out with just a couple of us, but by the time we were finished every kid in the neighborhood was helping. Now keep in mind that this was in the 70's before kids had their own cellphones. Back then kids had an inborn radar and we just knew when something big was going on and everybody seemed to show up at the right time.

We started out with me and Rhonda rolling a snowball to make a snowman. Pretty soon the snowball was so big that we couldn't roll it anymore but Mark McCoy just happened to be walking by and he joined us in the big push. That snowball was getting pretty big by this time and Rusty and Sissy and Billy joined in. We used 3 yards (I mean yards that we played in, not yards as a unit of measurement) full of snow to make that snowball. Somewhere along the way Ricky, Arville and Jamie began pushing with us and then low and behold if the two Jeffs didn't show up.

This massive snow boulder ended up in the middle of the basketball court. It was taller even than the biggest boys! It ended up staying in the middle of the basketball court because we couldn't move it another inch. With every kid in the neighborhood pushing, that snowball still wouldn't budge. It was so tall that we couldn't even climb on top of it.

The snow boulder stayed where it was until the middle of May. We hated it by that time because like I said it was in the middle of the basketball court. It also was in the way of our "endless circle" where we rode our bikes for hour after hour. We beat it with basketballs and wiffleball bats trying to make it disappear. It did for awhile make a most excellent bike ramp for those who had enough nerve to make the jump. Anyway it was a monumental effort that I have yet to see be duplicated to this day.

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