Monday, January 9, 2012


1. First Love? Oscar Kirk

2. First Crush? Ricky Irvin

3. First Car? Chrysler Horizon

4. First Husband? Bobby Jeffrey (only)

5. First Boyfriend? Can't remember his name - he was cute though

6. First Friend? Suzanne Mathis...there was a little boy in Tenessee that lived in the yard next door. I can't remember his name but we used to play on the swing and eat raw spaghetti.

7. First Engagement Ring? red,yellow and blue plastic Crackerjack ring. Stevie Goggas gave it to me under the front porch where we were playing cars with sticks.

8. First Memory? I can remember a row of grey and white rooftops. My mom says they were the houses on the way to the hospital to pick up my sister when she was born. I was almost 3.

9. First Job? Burger Chef. Sis says this job led to my downfall because of the kind of people I was exposed to. I say I led to my own downfall but there must be something to what she said because my parents never made my brother or sister get a job.

10. First Award? I know I had plenty of them in school but none of them stand out now.

11. First College? Ohio State

12. First Time? Back seat of a Chevy Malibu (I think)

13. First Blog? damnpamn...about letting go of hard feelings

14. First Dog? Cleopatra Floppyears Brennan - a beagle

15. First Cat? I think it was Willie Akers. My mom accidentally ran over him in the drive way.

16. First Nightmare? A black woman's head on my nightstand, staring straight ahead, smacking her lips. I buried my head under my covers and when it didn't go away I ran to my parent's bedroom. I was around 3.

17. First Greyhound? Cheyenne Queen. I had lots of pets but she was the first one we owned.

18. First Kennel? Liberty Kennel at Tri State Greyhound Park

19. First Monumental Screw Up? Most people would say leaving Ohio State. I say robbing Star Market.

20. First Vacation? We used to camp at Summersville Lake when I was in grade school. The first time we went to Florida I was 12.

21. First Book? I was a voracious reader. I especially remember my mom letting me read "Love's Tender Fury" when I was going in the 7th. grade. It was one of the first historical romance novels that are still popular (and have the same basic story) today.

22. First Favorite Food? I used to have beef stroganoff for every birthday. I also had Rave Reviews Coconut Cake.

23. First Favorite Color? Pink...still pink

24. First Favorite Singer? Bobby Sherman but I can remember singing "I Think I Love You" by David Cassidy on the front porch.

25. First Happy Memory? Flying a kite and picnicing in our huge backyard in Tennessee. (around 3)

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