Monday, January 9, 2012

She Spit in My Face!

I couldn't believe it. That nasty little twit actually spit on me! Of course, my immediate flash of rage was to run her down and kill her and she knew it! She took off running like a bat out of hell and I would love to finish the story by saying that I ran her ass down and stomped her into the ground but that's not what happened. For the first time in my life I was held back by my physical limitations but I did manage to pick up a gallon of antifreeze and hurl it at her head. It would have been a perfect shot too but she turned the corner just as the jug flew through space where her head had been a fraction of a second before.

She was so scared that I would kill her that she actually busted through the double glass doors that didn't have time to automatically open because she was running so fast! My squeals of rage followed her as she ran to her car, screaming the whole way for her friend, "GO, GO!!!" He was standing by the gas pump wondering what in the hell was happening but seeing my outraged face and her obvious state of fear for her life he jumped in the car and sped away.

I stood there completely frustrated because for the first time in my life I wasn't the fastest and baddest woman around. I was actually going to have to just "suck it up," and that wasn't a feeling I was used to. I also had to wonder how I was going to explain the broken doors to my boss but fortunately a coworker had seen everything that had just transpired and was telling me that he would tell the boss that the customer was completely out of control.

Here is what lead to that crazy situation:

I was working at the TA Truckstop at the fuel desk. It was very busy and I was the only one there. While I was waiting on a customer at the trucker's fuel desk a woman came in and threw some change on the gas pump desk and told me to turn the pump on. She left. I tried to ask her what pump she was at but she was gone (and on a cell phone) before I even got the question out. I couldn't see the pumps from my vantage point so I continued to wait on the customer I was waiting on to begin with.

After a few minutes the woman came back in and told me to turn the pump on again. Once again she walked out and left (still talking on the cellphone) before I could find out where she was, so once again, I continued to wait on the customers who were standing in line. I had no way of knowing which pump she was at without walking outside to look and i just didn't have the time.

Finally I was finished starting the pumps for truckers and I walked over to the other register where her couple of dollars in change was strewn across the counter. I picked up the change and was going to the door to see if I could see the woman when she came in. She started to cuss me and berate me for not starting the pump.

Once again I asked her what pump she was at but she was too busy throwing a first class tantrum to answer me. Finally I tired of her abuse and laid her money on the counter and told her to go somewhere else and buy her gas. "I don't need your business that bad." I told her, "and if you would take a second to conduct your business and get your ass off that phone the whole damn situation would have been avoided!"

The next thing I knew she was pursing her lips together and hurling a wad of spit straight in my face...hence the beginning of the story. I still can't believe to this day that someone could actually behave that way over a couple of dollars worth of gas.

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