Monday, January 9, 2012

Welcome to the Neighborhood

This is what happened when I moved into Lee Terrace:

I pulled up to my building with my first load of stuff and a woman comes running out yelling, "Do ya need some help? Do ya need some help?"

I thought to myself, "well, how nice," and I smiled at her and I said, "that would be really nice of you, yes, I can use some help."

She says to me, " I won't even charge you much."

I looked at her while thinking to myself, "surely not."

I say to her, "well that's good, because if it's more than nothing then I can't afford it anyway." and I laugh.

She says, "Five dollars, what's five dollars."

So I tell her that $5 is more than I have and I can't pay her.

She turns around a walks away! Didn't even pretend to want to stay and help me.

Happily I have met nicer people (and better neighbors) since moving in.

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