Sunday, January 8, 2012

I am NOT a fan of Best Buy right now

As some of you know I bought a computer last week. I had it 2 days and I had to take it back to Best Buy. To further complicate things I got sick so it took a a week for me to take it back. What the salesman neglected to tell me when I bought the computer is that he sold me a demo. So surprise, surprise, it broke. At least it broke well within the 14 day return period and I got a full refund.

I still wanted a computer though.

I asked if they had another I could buy for the same price. (299 dollars). They told me the only other one they had was another demo. Being in my sick state of mind, I asked if they generally had any problems selling demos. I have bought other demos in the past with no problem. They assured me that my problem was an anomally and so I bought the other computer. When I got home I didn't even get out of the truck because I wanted to see if the wifi would pick up outside like the other one did.


So I called them and asked for the password. The girl told me I had to bring it back that they had forgotten to erase the data from it. So I turned around and went right back and got my money back again. By this time I was completely worn out because I was still recuperating and feeling completely dejected because it would have been so nice to have a lovely new laptop during my convalesence.

My original Toshiba was on sale by the way for $399. I didn't want to pay that much. Translation...I couldn't afford that much. But I couldn't get the computer off my mind, so I called Best Buy on Saturday night and asked when the sale ended. The girl told me that night. I at least had enough sense to ask what the original purchase price was and guess what... it was $399. Turns out that Best Buy was advertizing a fake sale as so many retailers these days do. It's supposed to be illegal to do that but they all do it anyway. So, if I wanted my lovely Toshiba then I could get it anytime. I didn't have to kill myself to get back out there on Saturday night.

Today I swung by Kmart out of curiosity. They had the same computer for $529. So it looked like Best Buy's $399 really was probably the best buy. I had to go to Walmart to return something. I decided to check on their laptops while I was there. I was just about to leave and go to Best Buy because they had the best deal when I happened to spy a computer in a box, locked in a cabinet, but not on display. It was only $298.

Eureka! Could this be what I wanted. I went to get the salesgirl and she assured me that it was indeed a brand, spankin' new computer that was still in the box and had never been opened. I bought it. I now have a brand new HP computer. Hopefully this one will work.

After all that is all I'm looking for....a computer that will work.

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