Friday, February 10, 2012

Feels Like Home

My nephew is asleep in the bedroom. Actually he is the only reason I have a bedroom. I sleep in a recliner and have done so for years. The only reason I bought that bed was in case he might want to come over and stay.

He's had a rough time since his mommy was murdered. Some of it of his own making but who among us hadn't had some MAJOR screw ups as a teen. I know I sure did! I know what it feels like to feel everyone has abandoned you. That's the place where he is now. By the way, thank you to my Aunt Mary for being the one person I could talk to when things were going bad in the old days.

I knew when he came over last week that things had to be bad for him to want to see his old aunt. I'm not actually old by the way. I watched him as he visited and I could visibly see him relaxing. It's kind of nice to be able to be that place for him. Don't worry I won't coddle him too much. He has to learn to make it on his own. He is ready to turn 22 and everybody in his life has decided that it's time for him to grow up. And it is. But everybody needs a support system and he doesn't have one right now.

So, he showed back up last night and we watched movies just like we used to and he bought us a couple of Subway subs. I made us some homemade french fries in the middle of the night and instead of leaving like he did last week, he crawled into bed and is sleeping away.

I could stand and watch him and smile for hours but I won't let him see that. His mom and I used to stand at the kitchen window and beam at him as he marched across the yard in that way that only little boys do when they have a mission on their minds. We did it for years and he never knew it.

So, I'm glad I can give him a little peace. He has a good job, he just has to learn to settle his personal life a little. He knows of some of my exploits when I was his age but he doesn't know them all.

Thank God, he is one family member who will never read this blog because it's all there.

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