Monday, February 6, 2012

Winter Heart Health Tips

I got these from an article in Yahoo today.

1, Frigid air - just breathing cold air is enough to trigger chest pains. I try never to go out when the temp is under freezing or over 90. I have problems with heat as well

2.Vitamin D levels drop - didn't know that one. I guess if you are outside less you absorb less vitamin D. Makes sense.

3. Flu Shot - If I get the flu it is a hundred times worse that when a healthy person gets it. That's why it's recommended for anyone with a suppressed immune system and the elderly.

4.Overzealous workout - don't have to worry about that one. a minimal workout gets me. I try and try and I'll keep trying though. The article did say how to calculate your maximum safe heart rate. Take your age and subtract it from 220. Then multiply the result by 0.6. The result of that is your maximum safe heart rate and you should try to exercise at that rate for 20 minutes according to Yahoo. Ask your doctor first is the best policy. I remember when I used to laugh about that "ask your doctor first" thing.

5.Too much holiday cheer. Drink in moderation. My pharmicist told me I should be able to have a glass of wine now and then. I have tried it a couple of times. The effects are strong and severe. Most of my meds have "may cause dizziness" or "caution when driving lables". i stick to those now.

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