Sunday, February 5, 2012

Today willl be a good day

I woke up not too tired from work. Actually did some dishes and played on computer a little. Still have to rest more after last night. Here's what I HOPE to accomplish today:

1. pay intelos bill in person because I don't put my information on the computer ever.

2. Dollar Tree for monthly necessities that will cost me a fortune anywhere else. It is beside of intelos store.

3 I want to go in Walmart. I have a $5 coupon for vitamins and I'm supposed to start niacin. I think it will be cheaper than Fruth with my discount but there's a lot of walking in Walmart so I will have to see.

4. I have been wanting to try candied bacon. I think it will be my superbowl treat...even though I have no intention of watching the game and I have seen all the commercials.

5, Sweep my floor.

6, Talk to preacher about newsletter.

7. I have a couple of bags of donated clothes, including one blanket, I need to give them out but I have been waiting to see one particular guy that I think may need it the most.

8. Win a free sub from Penn Station. Have to go to the library to do that one. Haven't figured out how to hook up printer to laptop. I think it's possible but I am no where near ready to tackle that one.

9. If I win the free sub I will collect it when I go to dollar tree...penn station is next door.

10. Beat a few people at words with friends.

If I manage to do 4 of those I will be happy.

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Leona Raisin said...

11. I once used ‘scrabble’ playing Words With Friends. How ironic is that. Do you do anything to build skills? Once I discovered that unscrambling anagrams helped with that jumble of letters, my scores steadily went up in WWF and Scrabble. I got so into anagrams, I invented my own TV trivia anagram game. Let me know what you think of it.