Monday, February 6, 2012

Mifi Works iin the Basement of My Building

Woke up this morning at 5. Took fluid pills. They aren't working. The only thing worse than fluid pills working (meaning umteen trips to the bathroom) is fluid pills not working. That means I am retaining fluid and will be bogged down for the rest of the day.I can tell by my breathing it's going to be a long day.

That's alright. I have 4 loads of laundry in the dryer. When they finish I will go back to bed for the day. I have to rest before work this evening. This is my first time using mifi in the basement. I wasn't sure it would pick up. The free public one doesn't work down here but my ntelos does. By the way I finally paid my ntelos bill yesterday. Whoo Hoo!!! It was double this month because it was the first month. It will be a relief to pay half next month.

Then I stopped by the local IGA. I like to shop their instead of Walmart because it is a local business that has been there for years. I can tell by looking at the stock they carry that they are having trouble staying in business. They had a bunch of good sales and I stocked up on a few things. The last few times I have been there many prices were so high that I didn't really buy anything.

Just a quick aside: This IGA made the national news back in the nineties when a gas leak caused it to blow to smithereens! They were open when it happened and not one person got killed. A miracle if ever there was one. They rebuilt after and have been in business ever since.

I don't have to cook today. Last night I cooked a pot of kidney beans. Saved them at the last second from burning. I turned some of them into yummy baked beans and the rest into a pot of chili. It may sound good but it is all salt free and I have learned from people eating my cooking that it leaves a little to be desired. Oh well, I'm used to it.

I'm off to finish the laundry, breakfast and to sleep the day away before work.

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