Monday, February 27, 2012

He saved my life and I don't even know who he was

I was being forced to rent a crappy room in an even crappier building. I didn't want to do it but I thought I had no choice given my situation with my money and my health. I was ready to hand over the first weeks rent when the landlord had to go and tend to some people he had kicked out of the building the week before.

I was waiting for him to come back when the man who lived in the room next ot me opened his door and whispered for me to come over. He cautiously looked for the landlord (who had just introduced us minutes before) and he hurriedly told me that no matter what I did not to rent a room! He said that the people the landlord was talking to were raising hell and were mad that he had kicked them out and I would be renting their old room.

I thanked him and I left without even saying goodbye to the landlord. The tennant who had just warned me retreated back into his room.

A week later there was a murder in that building.

A few days later the 3 people I had seen (hellraisers) were arrested for the murder.

They were convicted.

That man, whom I had never seen, and will never see again, more than likely saved my life.

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