Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's NOT the Way to Go!

This post is about having sex when you have heart disease. The best advise is "proceed with caution".

You know the old joke about the man having sex with the beautiful blonde and he has a heart attack and the punchline is "What a way to go!"?

Well I can tell you from experience it is definitely NOT the way to go.

After being diagnosed with my heart problem, I had started to feel a little better so I called up my "friend with benefits". I invited him over and we were having our usual fun time nothing too strenuous mind you-just a good relaxing evening. When it came time for my "big moment" I did not think I was going to live through it. My heart had never pounded like that before ( or a better way to phrase it is, "my heart had never NOT pounded like that before) and once the "Big O" had kicked in there was no turning back!

By the third heartbeat I literally thought I was going to die! It seemed like an eternity between each beat and I thought each beat would literally be my last. The fear in me completely overrode anything else I was feeling. In fact it completely ruined my afterglow.

Afterward I was nauseous and had a terrible headache. Unfortunately for me that is probably the last time that I'll ever have sex. When I told my dr. about it(completely embarrassing but I needed to know) he could not believe that I had even attempted to engage in such activity. He told me that I was not supposed to be doing that in any way, shape or form. I asked him why nobody had told me. He just said that in my condition they thought that I knew better. So my advise is listen to your dr. if you know what is good for you!

Fortunately it is 5 years later...things have changed for the better.

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