Friday, March 2, 2012

She was a farm girl

My mom was raised on a farm in Sarah Ann, West Virginia. She loved her childhood. It was full of happy memories of animals and her Uncle Toby. Uncle Toby was her 80? year old uncle who wore an immaculate white suit everyday and took his morning constitutional using a walking cane.

Mommy had 18 cats. Her favorite was Tarzan. Tarzan was an orange tabby cat. Unfortunately he froze to death in the middle of the creek. He used to love to sun on a special rock in the middle of the creek. Apparently on night the creek raised and Tarzan couldn't get to the creek bank. When mommy found him the next morning he was frozen to death on his rock.She had another cat named Dotsie. Dotsie had her face kicked in by a rabbit so hard that it permanently pushed her nose up and you could hear each breath as she labored to take it. She lived a long life though.

Every Saturday morning mommy would sit in front of the tv watching

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