Friday, March 2, 2012

They Left Me!

One time I was coming back from Florida with my dad and my husband. Daddy was driving a car. Bobby was driving a van. I was riding with both of them just to talk and keep them awake switching vehicles every time we stopped.

We stopped at a gas station in Bluefield, WV and I got out of my dad's car and climbed into the van while they were both in the gas station. I took a bite of Bobby's cookie and set it down and I decided that I needed to go to the restroom. When I came out of the restroom I was dismayed to see both vehicles rounding the curve getting onto the WV Turnpike! If you ever want to feel your stomach fall to your knees (I don't know why you would) walk out of a building in a strange town over 100 miles from home and watch your ride leave you.

I went in and told the owner of the gas station what had happened. He chuckled to himself saying that in 36 years of business, he had never seen anybody get left behind. He let me use the phone to call the police to try to run my rides down. (my dad got mad about that, because he said that I knew they would be speeding!) The owner of the gas station was also kind enough to give me a pop and some chips because I didn't have a penny on me. He also had a big dog for me to play with - which is all I needed anyway if you know anything about me.

When you get on the WV Turnpike in Bluefield, WV, there is not another exit for at least 75 miles. We were going to Charleston which is about 110 miles away. Each had no reason to suspect that I wasn't in the others' vehicle. About an hour after they left me my dad pulled into the gas station. I was so grateful to see him. I asked if the police found them. He told me no.

It turned out that as they were driving along Bobby went to take a bite of his cookie and noticed that I had taken a bite out of it. He also could see that I wasn't in the car with my dad. He flagged my dad over and daddy turned at one of those emergency exits and came back to get me. He said if it ever happenned again to just wait. If he had to he would send me a bus ticket, but don't ever call the police again

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