Monday, April 2, 2012

I used Skype for the first time last night

I spoke to my 6 year old great niece, Kendall, for the first time ever. It was really special. She is really curious about my side of the family since she doesn't see anyone. She lives in Florida and most of the rest of us live in West Virginia.

I was basically a stranger to her even though I send her Christmas and Birthday presents and little stories along the way. Now she can put a face with the name Auntie Pam.

We will be speaking more often now that I know how to do it. She was really excited to see that the only picture I have in my living room is one of her in her confirmation dress. She is beautiful just like her mommy and grandmother.

She also loved bragging that she was the tallest girl in her class just like her mommy was.

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