Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Easter Bunny is a Rock Star

One year I was the Easter Bunny at the mall. I had a blast. I didn't just sit there like most bunnies, I paraded my bunny tail as far as the bunny land people would let me. And I had a ball talking with the kids who sat in my lap. I was surprised to learn that most of them expected a whole list of presents from the bunny...not just the traditional basket! Also, most of them were surprised that a girl was in the costume. People actually complained that the bunny was a woman. I didn't know the Easter Bunny was a boy...especially since I had a giant pink belly and giant pink ears!

I even developed my own bunny dance. I would prance and shake my booty and my ears and pantomime to my hearts content anytime I saw a kid and I wasn't busy posing for pictures. I started to see the kids repeating my moves. It became a regular routine. One day I was dancing across the stage and the lobby around me was packed with kids. Everyone of them was doing the Easter Bunny dance with me. The stage was on the ground floor of the Charleston Town Center Mall and there was a open area all the way to the third floor eating area above me.

I happened to look up and the railings on both levels above me were packed with kids and every single one of them was doing the Easter Bunny Dance with me. It was awe inspiring to say the least and it was one time in my life that I knew exactly what a rock star feels like at one of their concerts. I had to actually stop the dance because they were becoming so enthusiastic in their dancing and cheering that I was afraid that one of them would fall into the lobby and land at my feet. Now that would have been a buzz kill to say the least!

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