Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Words With Friends Addiction

Currently I have 15 games going. There are a couple of people that we keep 2 going at at time. I even have a couple with random strangers because I got bored when none of my regulars were around. I spend every available waking second at the game. I even go to sleep at night pressing the button and waking back up to see that it is still my turn and my opponent is waiting. That's part of the problem, you don't want to turn in and leave someone hanging even though the game will be waiting.

I make sure I leave the laptop out of arms reach because if I wake up in the middle of the night I will turn it on and start playing. Even sadder than that, I wake myself up pounding my leg like I'm hitting the enter key on the keyboard. I used to make fun of my dad when I was taking care of him because he would actually smoke in his sleep. He would go through all the motions of smoking starting with taking the imaginary cigarettes out of the pack to lighting them and finally smoking them....all in his sleep. Now it is me playing an imaginary game on an imaginary keyboard.

We have lots of fun playing. Most of my friends are a challenge but I also have a few that we play just for fun and they don't mind that I beat the pants off them on a daily basis. When they do get that elusive win the taste of victory is just that much sweeter for them because they know I didn't let them win. We have fun messaging back and forth and making fun of the wordplay that sometimes comes out in the game. They also find it hilarious the tantrums that I throw when I lose. I am a poor loser. I didn't used to be that way. I blame lack of O2 to the brain. (poor impulse control)

My friend Sherry and I have a game going constantly as well as Pam ( as in "itspamelaagain"). We are pretty much equally matched. I am so glad she is moved in to her new home and the wedding is over so she has time to play again. Then there is Tina. She fires off 100 point words as easily as most people breathe. I can't even feel safe on the few occasions that I manage to build up a huge lead.
My Aunt Mary says she is a glutton for punishment but she beats me on a regular basis. I was beating her so bad when she first started. (you have to learn the game a little, there is strategy involved). Anyway I was beating her so bad when she first started that she got her daughter, my cousin, Sarah to play to avenge her losses. Sarah definitely beats me most of the time but she has a hard time doing it and we have many hard fought games.

Then I have an aunt who shall remain nameless. She is a Scrabble whiz. She threw a 2 page text tantrum when I resigned one day. I resigned because I had a "G" that I couldn't use. She was beating me by 100 points and it made no sense to continue the game when I couldn't move and even if I did I could not make up the 100 point deficit with one letter anyway. Since I resigned she maintained her win record. It is the gentlemanly thing to do. I have other friends who see the logic in it and we do it all the time. In my aunt's rant she lectured me about finishing what I start which I found hilarious because she had quit everything she has ever done in life except for college. When I pointed out her tirade was excessive she told me her self esteem wasn't tied up in winning which I thought was a very telling statement in it's self. Anyway she doesn't play me anymore but that's her loss, not mine.

Then I have friends who when I first started playing they were beating my pants off. I was cheering them on in their victories too! Then when I got better and started beating them they couldn't handle it. One even told me, "you need to dumb it down or I won't play with you anymore". Needless to say, we don't play now.

Then I have my one word a day friends. They play a word and I play a word and that's it. That's what's so great about the game. You can leave it and come back at your leisure or you can play the whole game. It doesn't matter, it's all up to you.

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