Sunday, April 1, 2012

Things I Meant to Do Before I died but it's too late now.

1. Number one has been deleted. Apparently I have done that one according to my ex husband - it's too bad I don't remember it!!!!

2. Ski, Parachute, bungie jump(all that good adrenaline pumping stuff!) I did go parasailing once. It was completely blogworthy and there is a post about it somewhere.

3. Ride in the Kentucky Derby (I was too big to do that by the time I was 12 but I always dreamed about it)

4. Own a Gutenberg Bible (The crown jewel for any book collector)

5. Win an Olympic medal (We grew up having Olympics in our backyard between Monopoly games!)

6. Be a psychic (That would be too cool)

7. Go on a road trip across America to every hoakie tourist destination that you can think of(from the petrified forest to Mount Rushmore)

8. Own a boat car (I saw one drive into Summersville Lake when I was a kid. It left a lasting impression.)

9. Have my house on top of a mountain and one on the beach and a helicopter to fly between them.

11. Roller Derby and Professional Football Player (I am sooo glad they brought back roller derby and started Women's Pro Football leagues.) My niece does roller derby!

12. Go on Survivor

13. Own a horse - Have a whole zoo for that matter!

14. GO TO MARDI GRAS !!!!!!!

What I did do was become a professional greyhound trainer which satisfied most of those needs and marry a man who had the same motto that I did. "Have Fun No Matter What!!!!

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