Thursday, July 12, 2012

July Health Update

I'm doing better than I have in Months. The doctors changed my meds last month and I haven't had any a fib attacks in a couple of weeks now. And that was after going through a couple of weeks of utter exhaustion because of helping an ungrateful friend and then the power failure.

No, I don't mean Lou, the friend who stayed with me during the power failure. She was wonderful and we hope to hang out more in the future...just not live together...haha

I had a problem with someone accusing me of some stuff. I was going to document my every move but I realized after very little consideration that I quit defending myself to this person years ago. They say when you take meds or get drunk that your true feeling about someone come out. Well trust me, they did. But it is their problem, not mine.

Eddie and I are getting along better than ever. Who knows how long that will last ...but that is the nature of our relationship. We both know that when push comes to shove that all we have are each other. We just have to give each other plenty of space in the good times. If it had not been for him during the power failure I would have ended up in the hospital.

It's amazing how a little change in routine rocks my world. As tired as I was I would normally be having chest pain galore but I didn't have any. Just the bone chilling tiredness that is typical with a heart failure patient.

They finally scheduled my surgery for August 3rd. But I just found out one of the doctors will be on vacation that week. I'm waiting on word from the other doctor about what to do. There is NO WAY I'm going to let them do 2 surgeries.

Get it all done the first time or not at all is what I am going to tell them!

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