Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Levi was a greyhound I took home to because he had the good sense to fall in love with me. It's a good thing because he did not adjust to being a pet too well and I was able to give him the special care that he needed. He did just fine around me but he was very nervous around others and thunderstorms terrified him. He became Queenie's best friend and they did everything together for a few years.

I had him fixed because I didn't want him to defile my precious Queenie. That's when I learned that even if you have a dog fixed it still has the desire to mate (just like a man - huh)! Levi was a world champion digger. He weighed like 85 pounds and he could dig a hole deep enough to hide every inch of his body with only a few inches of tail sticking out of it. The contractor next door to us said he wished he could pay Levi to dig where he wanted holes dug - he would make a fortune with him.

One time I had him in a kennel with dirt floors. I opened my front door one day and he was sitting there waiting for me. To dig his way out of the kennel he had to dig through 3 pens and under the front door. In two of the pens there were chickens sitting on eggs - he did not disturb them! Unfortunately there was a storm one night and it must have really scared him (I was at work). Instead of cowering in the closet like he usually did, he went outside and dug his way under the fence. I looked far and wide for him and I never did find him. He is one of the few dogs that I have gone looking for in my life and couldn't find.

I wish I knew what happened to him.

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