Friday, July 13, 2012

We Finally Found Our Fishing Hole

Eddie and I have been fishing for a couple of years. I should say that "he" has been fishing while I watch for wildlife or read or daydream and generally hang out in the woods which is something I like to do. I actually had a fishing license last year but I only caught one fish and I am too cheap to buy another return on my dollar.

Yesterday we went to a spot we have been wanting to go to for at least a year. The strange part is it is the closest spot to my house. We just kept forgetting about it. I backed my truck up right next to the river and dropped the tailgate and "viola" it was the perfect spot.

He caught the same fish twice, It was a little catfish that he threw back. Another guy that was there caught a little bass that he threw back. He is a customer at Fruth so I knew him. He started telling me about the giant catfish and gar and muskie he had caught from his boat. He said if people knew how big the fish were around here they would never get in the water.

He started laughing about seeing a family come to the river with a bar of soap to take a bath. I had to laugh at that because I had seen some people do that in Boone County once. My stepdaughters were horrified. I thought it was funny and as I explained to them at the time, "at least the people are trying to be clean." If you don't have water you have to do what you have to do.

As I hung out yesterday doing "my thing". I noticed a lot of trash laying around. Some was regular river trash that is left behind by flooding. Most was trash left by trashy people including lots of plastic where somebody had been stripping copper from wires and left their crap behind. So I started my own personal river beautification project. I cleaned up enough wire plastic to fill up a shopping bag. It may not sound like a lot but if I do that everytime I go back it won't take me long to singlehandedly beautify my own little corner of WV.

The best part is I found a butterfly bush seedling. I wish I had found it a month ago. I paid $40 dollars for a butterfly bush for my mom for a combination mother's day/birthday gift. Since she wouldn't let me take her to dinner for mother's day I transferred the money to a better birthday present. The bush was beautiful but I had been trying to grow one for almost a year because she mentioned she wanted one. None of my cuttings took root though. I have a black thumb unfortunately.

The seedling was tall and pretty. Not as pretty as the $40 bush but it would have still made a lovely present in a pretty flower pot. Not to mention the fact that it would have been free! Anyway I got Eddie to dig it up and I took it home and repotted it. Hopefully it will take root and grow. If I had not have taken it, it would have been washed away by the next flood anyway so I didn't hurt anything by doing it.

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