Monday, November 29, 2010

more medical problems - sigh

Well I had to go back to the ER the other day. It is a shame because I had waited a month for my doctor to give me a referral to a gynecologist and he did not do it. (insurance requires a referral from my primary care doctor). I got tired of hurting so I picked a time I knew they wouldn't be busy and I went. (early Wednesday morning)

It turns out I have a cyst on my ovary. I have had fibroids for at least 20 years and it is probably the same thing. They are no big deal unless they are causing you problems. It has been causing me problems since last summer.

Now I have my referral. Unfortunately to get it I saw my doctor at least 4 times (he never did do a pelvic exam) and I made 2 trips to the ER to get to the root of the problem - one in September and one last week.

The trips to the ER were probably entirely unnecessary except for the fact that my doctor was just writing me antibiotics and the infection would clear up for about a week to 2 weeks and then start all over again. I learned in the dog business that after 2 rounds of antibiotics if the problem is not cleared up then check again for something else that could be wrong. If that had been done it would have saved the taxpayers at least $6000 in medical bills.

Anyway I am calling the gynecologist this morning to see what needs to be done to fix the problem properly this time. Probably surgery but we shall see.

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