Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the next couple of days are going to be sucky

Funny Story from the other day....When I was at the ER the doctor had to do a pelvic exam. He told me to spread my legs like a frog! hahahahahahahahhaha Never heard that one before.

I have a gynecologist appointment this afternoon after which I have to go to work for the evening. Usually when I work I have to rest all day before hand but the doctor's visit shouldn't be too eventful. Hopefully I will be able to work the whole night. If I can't they will let me go home early (they'll even let me not work at all if I want) but I need the money.

Then I have to fast after midnight which I usually munch most of the night after I work because I am tired and I can't sleep. I always keep apples in the fridge for a quick midnight snack but usually after I work I need more substantial fare.

I have a stress test in the morning. Last time I finished it and the doctor was pleased, he didn't realize it would put me in bed for 2 days though and a few more restful days after that to recuperate. At least he lets me do it the normal way now (treadmill). The first 2 years he made me do a chemical stress test (they speed up your heart with drugs and you just sit there). The 3rd. year I tried to do a treadmill test and I couldn't finish it. At least I'm making progress.

Hopefully I'll have enough energy to play on the computer. I still have to do this month's edition of the newsletter. Oh well, if it has to wait a week then it just has to wait.

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