Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Christmas Festivities with the Governor Tonight

Eddie and I went to the lighting of the West Virginia State Christmas Tree tonight. We went early to accommodate my need for frequent rests when I have to walk anywhere. Luckily he wanted to show me the inside of the capitol because he used to work there, otherwise I would have just stayed in the truck and missed most of the festivities.

We went inside and there was a group playing bells and a lovely bench for me to rest. Then we made our way upstairs because he said he knew where I could get a good view of everything. That is when we discovered that there was a band and a tree in the back of the capitol as well as the front.

I was trying to rest on the railing when we saw the governor's wife and a security team go outside. I didn't want to miss anything so we followed them out. I thought they would be going down the steps to the tree. They didn't. So, there stood I and Eddie with the Governor of the great state of West Virginia and his wife and their team of people. I made my way to the side of the podium and I sat down because I could go no further. I thought for sure that one of the state policemen would come and tell us we had to move but they didn't. Two of them came and stood by us for a few moments while the band played Christmas carols but that was the extent of it.

Then they introduced the governor and Santa Claus and lit the tree. Eddie and I made our way inside. We went to see if the tree had been lit on the other side of the capitol. As we made our way out the door at my super speed of mosey the Governor and his wife and security team followed us out onto the majestic front steps of the capitol. Once again we stepped off to the side as the announcer introduced the governor and we giggled to ourselves that we were in the presence of true dignataries.

By this time I was worn out and we went in and I found a bench and we listened to the bell ringers some more and then the governor came in and made another presentation for the winner of the state Christmas ornament. At least time we were just ordinary West Virginia Citizenery and not part of the heads of state.

It was quite fun.

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