Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Thanksgiving Weekend

I had a great day. I cooked the turkey the night before and ate a little turkey. Then I made my dressing and ate a little of that. When I woke up Thanksgiving morning I made sweet potatoes and ate one. Then I made brussel sprouts and helped myself. I made deviled eggs and I couldn't keep myself out of them. Finally when I knew it was time for a friend to stop by (I knew she had already eaten) I made mashed potatoes and gravy. While she ate a whole plate of food I had the mashed potatoes.

Basically I ate one thing at a time all day. I did not stuff myself and it was a relaxing holiday. I called my mom and my uncle and wished them a happy day and then I sat down to watch my movies.

I saw the man that the old bitties had been picking on so I asked him if he had a good holiday. He told me "no". I asked if he had at least got some food and he told me "no". I am sure he was telling the truth. So I fixed him a big ole plate of turkey and dressing and another plate with brocolli salad and deviled eggs. I gave him 1/2 a pumpkin pie with cool whip and almost a whole gallon of tea that Fruth had given me for free as part of employee appreciation week.

He told me he had a chicken but no way to cook it so I gave him a cookie sheet. I had 3 of them. It is not the best way to cook a chicken but it is better than nothing and I told him to keep it.

Then I ran into one of the old ladies who ran me off with their smoking and making fun of me earlier in the week. When she asked me how I was doing I told her in no uncertain terms not to speak to me. Her lip started to quiver and she was offended. I did not care. I pointed out to her that I had been nothing but nice to her and she should know how she affected my breathing because she is on oxygen too. SHE APOLOGIZED AND I ACCEPTED.

Then she told me her O2 machine was messing up and I looked at it and I fixed it for her. Now I am waiting to see if she meant the apology or if she just wanted somebody to fix her oxygen machine.

I worked last night and I am resting today.

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