Monday, April 11, 2011

Granny's Revenge

I used to make fun of my Granny because I had to thread the needle for her. She said she couldn't see it.

Now I can't thread a needle. I can't even see to read the UPC's that are too small for the scanner. It is highly embarrassing to have to ask a customer to read it if there are no fellow employees around. Usually there aren't any around either because I am night shift and everybody goes home when I get there.

Sometimes if I am lucky there is a kid around to make fun me for having to read that UPC!!!

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Anonymous said...

I can remember getting so secretly tired of threading my grandma's needles. I grew up with her in the same house, so she always asked me to do it. She was always making quilts, usually to give away to people. Now when I think of that, and can sympathize because my eyesight isn't so great anymore, I remember something she used to say all the time and I hated it. She'd say, "You just wait till you get as old as I am, little girl!" Oh boy, was she right....and I'm not even close to 81. :D