Friday, April 15, 2011

It's been a week and a half since I stopped the second heart medicine

1. I haven't had any A fib attacks, minor heart flutters which are probably perfectly normal.

2. I have energy but not endurance. Who knows when I build up to walking around the building 3 times this time maybe I won't have one of my "setbacks".

3. My mind is working better. I can think. I am not functioning at a dull murmer any longer.


4. I am eating less. I know I used to eat to keep my energy up which made me gain weight which knocked my energy back....

5. Looking forward to getting better (as usual)

6. Still having trouble with fluid retention. Hoping that gets better as my heart beats stronger every day.

7. I can tell a difference in my breathing. This is allergy season too! Usually I would be upping my O2 intake. I am using it less. I have to make sure that I refill (that's what I call my O2 breaks) before work though.

I had problems keeping track of my money last week. I had to actually pull my drawer and count it when a man told me he gave me a ten instead of a one. Turns out "he" was right. I have pulled my drawer and counted it before when people have told me that but "I" was always the one who was right.

He was very nice about it. Mistakes happen.

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