Monday, April 11, 2011

One Time My Aunt Wanda Bet My Brother He Couldn't Hold His Arms Up For 10 Minutes

It was hilarious.

My poor brother was about 10 or 12 years old and she bet him he couldn't hold his arms perpendicular from his body for 10 minutes. (or was it 5, I believe it was 10) She told him she would give him 5 dollars if he was able to do it.

For the first minute or so he stood there with his arms straight out on either side of himself. He was joking about how it was going to be the easiest 5 dollars he ever made. Then his arms started to tremble just a little. He slowly quieted with the effort it was taking him to hold his arms out.

Wanda was cheering him on as the rest of us kids started to make fun of him! Then his arms started to shake with the monumental effort it was taking to hold them up! They weren't just quivering anymore they were flapping like he was trying to fly or something!

It was obvious he was in extreme pain but there was no way on earth he was going to miss out on that 5 bucks! The more his arms would shake the more we would scream for him to get them up or he was going to lose the money.

Finally he made it. It was obvious to everybody around that he was in extreme pain but he made it. If I recall correctly he was actually in tears. His pain was so obvious to us that we stopped making fun of him and we were actually encouraging him. (a rarity with us!)

My brother earned more than 5 dollars that day...he earned some respect for the strength it took to get the job done when he was in obvious pain.

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